Our Clients

I am not entirely sure what the secret is, but it is a fact that we have become friends with our clients. Our clients are our most valued asset and here is a list of a few. Feel free to contact anyone if you ever need a second opinion before you do business with us. I am sure you know someone in the list below.

Accountancy Training Centre Mr. Jerry Persaud 592-223-7673 e-Mail
Andrew’s Enterprise Mr. Paul Binda 592-226-8652 e-Mail
Atlantic Inn Mr. Deryck Khan 592-225-5826/7 e-Mail
Bhena’s Footwear Ms. Bhena Lall 592-227-4754 e-Mail
Brain Street Group Mr. Lance Hinds 592-225-5353 e-Mail
Comfort Sleep Mr. Dennis Charran +592 2332657 e-Mail
CompuTrain Inc. Mr. Joseph Hoyte +592 6131995 e-Mail
D. Bahadur & Co. Mr. Drubahadur 592-2251278/9 e-Mail
D. Simon & Sons Mr. Simon/td>

592-675-6361 e-Mail
Demerar Waves Mr. Denis Chabrol 592-225-3990 e-Mail
Eccles Assembly Mr. Gregory Seetram 592-233-2982 e-Mail
F&H Priniting Establishment Mr. Hazim Hakh 592-2257114 e-Mail
Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ms. Marissa Lowden 592-2263519 e-Mail
Global Access ISP Mr. Shamir Kayum 592-3394590 e-Mail
Go Invest Mr. Owen Betton 592-2260585 e-Mail
GT&T – Getting better all the time. Ms. Nadia DeAbreu 2251315 e-Mail
Guyana Brazil Tours Mr. Seenarine Singh 592-663-9180 e-Mail
Guyana National Newspaper Limited Mr. Michael Gordon 592-2260658 e-Mail
Guyana Sand Mr. Rodrigo De Paula 592-227-7507 e-Mail
HAB International Mr. Harold Beharry 592-2332496 e-Mail
Insight Dr. Yog Mahadeo 592- 222-2042 e-Mail
Jags Aviation Mr. Ryan Jaggernauth 592-2222460 e-Mail
Kaieteur News Guyana Ms. Marcia Girard 592-225-8465 e-Mail
Metro Office & Computer Supplies Mr. Ramsaroop 592-223-9870-6 e-Mail
Ministry of Labour, Human Services & Social Security Mr. Manzoor Nadir 592-225-3032 e-Mail
MobileMoney Guyana Mr. Ishwar Thakurdin 592-227-3598 ext. 202 e-Mail
National Milling Company of Guyana Inc. Mr. Bert Sukhai 592-2332462 e-Mail
Nayelli Hair Fashion & Spa Lounge Ms. Zenefia Rahim 592-226-2124 e-Mail
Ori Hotel Ms. Ayanna Miller 592-7722124 e-Mail
People2Canada Mr. Raj Shewnarain 416-318-7119 e-Mail
Prudential Industrial Technology Mr. Wayne Forde 592-218-4971 e-Mail
Puran Brothers Disposal Service Mr. Kaleshwar Puran 592-264-2489 e-Mail
Raj Singh Insurance Brokers & Risk Management Consultants Inc. Mr. Raj Singh 592-227 2880 e-Mail
Renaissance Gems Ms. Vidya Binda 592-233-2151 e-Mail
Rockaway Auto Sale Mr. Vishnu 592-2201500 e-Mail
Salod Marketing Mr. Sahadeo Dukhiran 592-2276556 e-Mail
Splashmin’s Fun Park & Resort Ms. Shelliza Allie 592-2237301-4 e-Mail
The Hardware Depot Mr. Bonny Singh 592-226-4165 e-Mail
Tony’ Auto Spares Mr. Suresh Singh 592-2278574 e-Mail
Vishnu Doerga Enterprises Mr. Vishnu Doerga 592-2237766 e-Mail