Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance Services

Website maintenance is an often neglected activity for most businesses. After all, we cannot blame you, you are busy running a successful business. Over the years more and more of our customers have come to recognize the importance to have a website that is well maintained, both in content and functionality.

We offer both reactive maintenance (fixing) and proactive maintenance (making sure that all is well) services. The latter is preferred and is most popular type of maintenance we provide.

Here are some of the proactive maintenance activities that are essential for a good functioning website.  

Activities done daily

  1. Check that all your pages are fully functional and error-free
  2. Ensure that your pages are loading at speeds suggested by your hosting package
  3. Malware/virus checks
  4. Apply any critical software update to your website’s framework/database
  5. Traffic analysis to detect DOS/DDOS
  6. On-call ready to respond to emergencies

Activities done monthly

  1. Website deep-scan for malware/viruses
  2. Review of the website CMS framework for major changes relating to the website server software
  3. Full website backup and offline dump
  4. Analyze monthly traffic and identify any network/server issues
  5. Review server software and apply any necessary patches and upgrades

The cost starts at USD150 per month for basic website maintenance.  Reactive maintenance costs vary considerably and are based on the issue or the request.

Last update: January 22, 2024.