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Traits Model Management (“Traits”) is a new and innovative modeling agency aimed at the discovery and development of potential talent in Guyana. Founded in April, 2014, the agency is still in its embryonic stage, but has shown that it will develop into a force to be reckoned with in the world of modeling. The agency is based in Georgetown, Guyana and is already paving the way to establishing a market for the matchless beauty of Guyanese models on the Local, Regional and International scenes.

Commercial, editorial and high fashion modeling, advertisement for print and television, brand ambassadors, are only a few of the modeling services offered by the agency. Traits’ models are groomed and trained to the highest levels of preparedness. Traits has models who are from different ethnic backgrounds which showcases the unique diversity of Guyana.

Breaking the mold, raising the Bar

The Traits “brand” represents beauty, talent, professionalism, integrity and will soon become a household name associated with beautiful models and quality modeling services. Traits resolves to take modeling to levels higher than that which currently exist in Guyana and will, through its work ethic and commitment, raise the bar in how a model and modeling is viewed and treated by the industry.

The agency has already begun to make waves in the modeling arena where one of its signed models participated in the BVI Summer Sizzle, 2014 and the 2014 Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.

Meet the Team

Hugh O. George

Hugh O. George, founder of Traits Model Management. A native of Georgetown Guyana and has lived in the fashion capital of the world, New York City since 2000. Hugh acquired his Bachelors in Public Administration and has worked with several High-end fashion labels. Hugh’s strong hold is his family business of manufacturing and real estate/ property rentals. This father of two holds a vast interest in fashion and actively embraced this passion by pursuing this venture.

Damone F. J. Younge

A Guyanese by birth, Damone started her education at Stella Maris Primary School then on to the prestigious President’s College to complete her secondary education. It was in high school that her love for fashion began, and it is also where she developed her keen sense of fashion and distinctive style. This continued unabated as she moved through the University of Guyana and then University of the West Indies in pursuit of her career goals.

An Attorney-at-Law by profession, Damone has always been modish. It was therefore an easy decision for her to join the Traits Model Management family from its inception early in 2014. Seduced by the objectives of Traits and energized by its ideals, Damone, the only female Executive, adds her own flavour to the team that manages this dynamic organization. She freely admits to being a perfectionist, which no doubt contributes to the high standards kept by the Agency.

Keith Allicock

Meet the Runway Coach of Traits Model Management, a doubly determined, detailed, dependable, audacious, professional and very candid, Mr. Keith Allicock.  Born in the Mining Town of Linden; raised in the capital city of Guyana – Georgetown. For leisure a game of scrabble would be his thing to do. As for his favourite genre of music, given that he is a ‘soca baby’, his love for soca comes naturally, while the other genres would vary with his moods. He is a young man of academic excellence – holders of an Associate Degree in Accounting and Bachelors of Science in Management, both with distinction passes. He is full-time Professional Auditor, a part-time Lecturer, a Competent Communicator of Toastmasters International and a former Runway Model. Having been a Runway Model who would have rocked runways both locally and abroad, Mr. Allicock is passionate at what he does – this passion is exuded when working with the models, it is a passion for runway fashion that would certainly take the modeling industry to another level.


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