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  • The Guyana Post Office Corporation
    The Guyana Post Office Corporation

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    The Guyana Post Office Corporation Shop Page

The Guyana Post Office Corporation. The first Postal Service was established in British Guiana by France in 1782. On 1783 “Adrian Loncq was appointed the first Post Master for Demerara. However, after the colonies were taken over by the Dutch, the Post Office was abolished in 1784 to 1795. During this period mail was sent through the Government Office.

The first Post Office was established in 1793 under the control of Attorney at Law J.C. De La Coste and ran until 1795 when it was again closed. In 1796 when the British gained control of the colonies, it was resolved by the Court of Policy that a Post Office shall be established at Stabroek. In 1834 the office was removed to the New Public Buildings where it remained until 1857. In 1865 the Post Office was housed in the lower flat of the Royal Agricultural and Commercial Societies Building. In 1914 the old “Hotel Tower” was purchased and converted into the Post Office. The colony’s Postal Service remained there until the great fire in February 1945. Temporary accommodation was found at the “Regent Hotel” but this was also destroyed by fire in 1947. From then, until the construction of the new Post Office a makeshift office was set up at Avon House in Main Street, the Town Hall Basement and the Fire Grigade Annex.

On August 11, 1952, His Excellency the Governor Sir Charles Wooley on invitation of the Post Master General K.I.R. Kirkpatrick declared open the newly built General Post Office and Telecommunications Centre at its present location.

On April 1st 1877, British Guiana entered the Postal Union. The first British Guiana postage stamp familiarly known as the “Cotton Reel” was issued on July 1st 1850, printed locally at the office of the Royal Gazette. In 1852 the first London Issue was printed by Messrs Watterlow and Sons. In 1853 another beautiful lithographic issue was printed by the same firm. In 1856 a local issue was printed by Messrs Baum and Dallas. From this issue emanated the one cent Black on Magenta, known to be one of the world’s rarest stamps. In January 1860, the first uniform inland letter postage rate was introduced. In April 1877 a uniform rate for letter postage was introduced to all Postal Union Countries. Inland Postcards was introduced in August 1885. Small packet service was introduced in 1931 between British Guiana and the UK and in 1932 to Trinidad and Barbados; later in 1939 it was extended to all Postal Union Countries. The first exchange of parcels between British Guiana and U.K. commenced in 1886. Money and Postal Order Services were inaugurated in July 1863. The treasury Savings Bank Service was first established on December 2, 1889. It was taken over by the Post Office between December 1910 and June 1911. In 1938 the Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) was established under the management of the PMG. The Post Office, formerly part of the traditional Public Service became a Public Corporation on the 1st January 1977. It has a spread of over sixty (60) main Post Offices and several Postal Agencies throughout the length and breadth of the country.


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