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The Indian Action Committee (IAC) of Guyana formerly known as the Indian Arrival Committee is a non-profit, non-governmental organizationwhich was established in 2003 and has its primary objective, the promotion and preservation of the culture and traditions brought by Indian Indentured Labourers in 1838. Approximately 239,000 indentured immigrants from india were transported in 245 ships which made 534 voyages across the KaalaPani to British Guiana, the last being in 1971. The first two ships, the whitby and the Hesperus landed in 1838.

While some indentured immigrants returned, the vast majority stayed and endured the harsh conditions to make this land their new home. Their immeasurable contributions through sacrifices have resulted in subsequent generations of Indo-Guyanese descendants being afforded better lives. Today, these descendants continue to be the beneficiaries of their industrious ancestors, more so, at a time when the country is experiencing unprecedented economic growth which has propelled its modernization through technological advancement.

As the country and its people continue to advance, it would be remiss not to mention that, unfortunately, aspects of modernization and suppressive political manoeuvres by the past administration, have contributed to some level of erosion of adherence to the culture and traditions the Indian indentured immigrants stuck steadfastly to and, for which they tirelessly endeavored to sustain and preserve.


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