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Since 1994 The BrainStreet Group has offered a complete range of management information and business system consulting services for government and private sector agencies. BrainStreet’s strength lies in its ability to manage collaborative projects from identification through implementation, and to ensure the activities identified by experts can be sustained. BrainStreet brings the highest level and most effective collaborative capabilities and resources needed for successful implementation. There is a common vision regarding the strategic approach, and the technical background and experience are complementary and reinforcing.

In 2006, the BrainStreet Group began diversifying their product lines in view of the emerging regional and international trends. In 2007, the company developed and launched a virtual learning environment (VLE) to begin delivering online education content for academic institutions in the Caribbean. The primary objective of this online learning environment is to provide publishers, instructors, students and administrators with a more flexible and powerful learning tool that will enhance the learning experience by harnessing the power of the Internet. The result is a fully integrated, easy-to-use, web-based, network learning environment, which offers instructors and students the ability to easily access and create content and interactive Web-based learning experiences. There are now over 80 courses being hosted in the platform being accessed by the students remotely attending regional institutions such as the UWI Cave Hill School of Business.
Brain Central is a subsidiary of Brain Street that is focused on educational tools for primary and secondary school students. Brain Central is an interactive, self-paced, fun, on-line educational environment that harnesses the power of the internet to enhance students’ learning experience. It is specifically designed to provide skills building activities, complementing their individual learning abilities and needs. It is a comprehensive, flexible learning tool that provides instructors, students and administrators with a unique combination of state-of-the-art web-based technology and extensive educational content.

BrainStreet has developed a reputation for excellence in its management and system consulting capability and this excellence is continued in Brain Central’s learning platform.

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