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Our design/development principal was invited to an interview at the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission by Ms. Allison Parker. At this initial meeting, we were able to identify the needs of the organisation. Our team spent around 3 weeks to design, develop and populate the first draft for the new website for the CCAC. During this time we worked Ms. Parker to develop the content and with Mr. Orin Parris at the National Data Management Authority (eGov Unit) to setup the hosting platform for the website.

After the first draft was made available to the organisation, a few minor modifications followed and the website was launched on September 18th 2018.

Business investors and consumers can now have quick and direct access to the Competition and Fair-trade Act as well as the Consumer Affairs Act, through the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission’s (CCAC) newly launched website.

CCAC Director, Dawn Cush

CCAC Director, Dawn Cush said apart from quick and direct access, the website aims to inform consumers and investors of their rights and obligations respectively while boosting their confidence in the local market. “Any member of the public can access this site, get relevant information for both the consumer affairs unit and the competition policy unit. They can get to know their rights.”

Chairman of the Commission, Ronald Burch-Smith

Chairman of the Commission, Ronald Burch-Smith noted the level of unfamiliarity that exists among consumers regarding their rights and obligations under the Consumer Affairs legislation. He believes the website will change this.

“We feel it is our duty to create an informed consumer base so that firms have a greater incentive to compete on services and quality, rather than engage in a race to the bottom. Too many scarce resources are wasted by consumers in replacing goods; that in a healthier and more informed consumer rights environment would not have been offered for sale in the first place,” Burch-Smith said.

According to the Chairman, CCAC has been conducting a number of sensitisation seminars across the country, along with random pop up visits at various stores to inform consumers of their rights and investors of their obligations. He said the website is part of the commission’s broader objective of embracing digital technology and reaching a wider audience.

Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) officers demonstrate how to access the website.

“It allows more people to participate in the work that we do. The website has [online] forms so persons can interact with us. No longer would someone have to come to the office and sit at the desk and fill out a form. They can complete a complaint online from the comfort of their own home or anywhere with internet connection,” he added.

Investors and consumers are urged by the CCAC to utilise the website on to be informed of their rights and responsibilities. 


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