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Garry B. Palmer (1965 – 2005), former First Deck Officer and Pilot of the Transport and Harbours Department, and Second Deck Officer Orin Matthis, founded MatPal Maritime Institute (MPMI), on 5th October 1999.  Since then, MPMI has been addressing the training needs of Guyanese seafarers and other stakeholders.

  • October 1999: gained the approval from the Maritime Administration Department of Guyana (MARAD), to conduct requisite maritime training within Guyana, and has been conducting training for the MARAD Cadets, as well as Transport and Harbours Department.
  • July 2003: MPMI entered into a franchise-type agreement with the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) of Jamaica.
  • May 2007:  A franchise-type agreement was signed into force with Panama Maritime Training Services Inc. of Panama  (PMTS).

From its inception to present, the Institute has successfully trained numerous persons within the maritime industry of Guyana and around the Caribbean and has earned a reputation for excellence in the delivery of a vital service.  On average, in excess of one hundred (100) participants spanning both the deck and engine room departments are certified every year.


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