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Guyana Marketing Corporation is sometimes referred to as the “New” Guyana Marketing Corporation (New GMC). This is because in 1985 the policy of the Guyana Marketing Corporation was changed. There was a total cessation of all buying and selling operations, and a mandate to provide market facilitation services to the private sector for the export of non-traditional agricultural produce, facilitate local market development, develop and disseminate post-harvest technology, conduct market research, and provide market intelligence services to farmers was adopted.

On our first meeting to discuss the design, the GMC team indicated that they wanted something modern, bold, and interactive. Two weeks later we were able to deliver a draft layout that they instantly loved! We buildup the initial momentum and with the support from their marketing team we were able to deliver the website on time.  It was a pleasure to work with the team at the “New” GMC on this project. They were very diligent to deliver the required materials for building the new website in a timely and organized fashion.


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